Monday, 12 September 2011

Land Transportation Office (LTO) - Baguio District Office

Title:Land Transportation Office (LTO) - Baguio District Office
Business Address: Engineer's Hill,Baguio City, Benguet
Contact Number:(074) 444-7997
Official Website:
Description: The LTO envisions a well-developed transportation system that will play a vital role in improving the quality of life of the Filipino people, particularly in providing a more viable means of land transport and a secured travel for transport users and commuters.
Products/Services Offered: Inspection and registration of motor vehicles. Issuance of licenses and permits. Enforcement of Land Transportation rules and regulations. Adjudication of traffic cases. Collection of revenues for the government.

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  1. My car is 3 years old and I hav eto go to LTo as the oR is from 07-24-14.Bujt my plate number is AAS 8460.
    When do I hav eto renew my LTO???